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Apples aren’t what they ought to be


I have to wonder at the symbolism presented by the tree and apple scene in the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it is a suggestion that as strange as things in the land of Oz might seem, they can always get weirder. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the apple, I appreciate its tactile qualities as well as its deeply rooted symbolism in our subconscious. Universally, It is strongly tied to beginnings, and to change. In this event, I like to believe that it is also connected to the folly of youth. The apple, as tasted by Eve, bears the wisdom of age, but conversely the loss of innocence. Our childlike Dorothy clumsily reaches out for the apples; struggling to satiate that youthful curiosity.

Lady in Red or the Femme Fatale


Emily has a resemblance to Vivian Leigh in these photos. Soft and Femme Fatale all at once. Click the links to see more of our work!

Photography: Kelly Grzasko

Model: Velvet Elivra

Gothic Red

Sometimes the test shots are worth keeping. 

I love the look of the photos from this session. They’re moving me in a different direction with light and experimentation. I had the opportunity to attend a lecture with Parish Kohanim last night, and I was very inspired. My mind is usually a mess with thoughts when I’m in the presence of creative/artistic mastery, so I clammed up at question and answer time, but still I cannot articulate the thoughts that occurred. Mostly, I was just in awe, and contemplative of the direction and diligence I must put forth in my own work.

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Photography/Creative Director: Kelly Grzasko (Frames to Frame Photography)

Modeling/Hair/Makeup: Emily Bogle (Velvet Elvira)



Under the Bradford Pear

She is radiant in red under the dappled light of the Bradford Pear

As a follow up to one of my most recent posts “night world” I decided that I wanted to challenge myself by working with a model in the same location at night. There were a lot of firsts for me, and I’m delighted with our collaboration. I was so fortunate that Emily was able to work with me! She is radiant under the dappled light of the Bradford Pear.

Photography: Kelly Grzasko (Frames to Frame Photography)

Modeling/Hair/Makeup: Emily Bogle

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