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I’ve been wanting to do something creepy for Halloween, and came up with this composite. I’m very fascinated by the idea of the spirit and out of body experiences also known as astral projection. On the one hand, I have difficulty believing in such things as angels and demons, yet the fear of possession and the loss of a soul seems very real to me. How can I have a fear of something that I don’t necessarily believe in?

Blue Steel

Photography: Kelly Grzasko        Model: Justin Merker

Despite the Title of this post, Justin clearly shows versatility as a model.



Jeans never go out of style


Photography: Kelly Grzasko

Modeling: Justin Merker




Justin putting on that cover model cool. 

Justin and I were both were up at 4 am to drive several hours (from opposite directions) in order to meet at Clingman’s Dome to take advantage of the early morning light, the misty misty air, and the fantastic vistas.

Model: Justin Merker of Suit & Tie Magic

Photography: Kelly Grzasko

Behind the Scenes

Some photographers are able to get exactly what they want in camera. Honestly most of my images are about 90 percent where I want them to be off the card, but, I almost always give my images a little 10 percent boost. I thought I’d show you how things go down: I’m not doing anything that hasn’t been done before here, but I often wonder how magic tricks are performed so, maybe by showing you how its created you’ll be inspired to try it yourself!

Much Love,


The old Ball and Chain


I was very interested in the sociological tone of the image. The phone being like a ball and chain, a weight which tugs at her and intertwines itself around her body. There’s a struggle like that of an addiction that is relevant in the contemporary sense but with the ironic aspect that this phone is unlike any other she would have used in her own lifetime. So again, there is this contrast of antiquity and modernity. What does it say to you?

Photography: Kelly Grzasko   Model: Grace Irwin

Much Love,




For this restoration, I attempted painting on the image more to add depth to the flesh tones. I think it helped to create more form. This is a picture of my dad back in the late 60s. You can see a resemblance. I’ll have to recreate myself in this same pose, and set the images side by side for comparison.