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I’ve been wanting to do something creepy for Halloween, and came up with this composite. I’m very fascinated by the idea of the spirit and out of body experiences also known as astral projection. On the one hand, I have difficulty believing in such things as angels and demons, yet the fear of possession and the loss of a soul seems very real to me. How can I have a fear of something that I don’t necessarily believe in?

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

Thought we’d try some stuff with leaves. The leaves aren’t really pretty, but I like the effect nonetheless. They almost look like butterflies. We took this at the State Park near our house. Rode around on the four-wheeler through the woods today with dad. That was pretty fun. I asked my parents what they used to dress up as for Halloween. My mom said one year she remembered being Santa Claus. And my dad said that his parents would never buy them masks or anything like that, so he and his brothers and sisters would dress as ‘black people.’ My nana would go down in the basement and get soot and put it on their faces and red lipstick for their mouths. He said they were called ‘minstrels’… haha, I’m just trying to imagine a family of Polish kids dressed up as black kids. It wasn’t meant to be offensive, just a costume. I know that this idea has recently come into the mainstream media as a very negative and offensive idea. I wonder what the people thought of it back then? This was back in the 50s, early 60s. He said that there were minstrel shows back then that were very popular, in which people wore black face. Its interesting that I’ve never heard of this til now.