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Apples aren’t what they ought to be


I have to wonder at the symbolism presented by the tree and apple scene in the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it is a suggestion that as strange as things in the land of Oz might seem, they can always get weirder. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the apple, I appreciate its tactile qualities as well as its deeply rooted symbolism in our subconscious. Universally, It is strongly tied to beginnings, and to change. In this event, I like to believe that it is also connected to the folly of youth. The apple, as tasted by Eve, bears the wisdom of age, but conversely the loss of innocence. Our childlike Dorothy clumsily reaches out for the apples; struggling to satiate that youthful curiosity.

At the highest point

Justin seems to embody both vampire and magician in this photo. 

I love the atmosphere of the Smokies: Dense, foggy mornings make for great photos. We shot this up at Clingman’s Dome, just after sunrise (and also, just after a bear and her baby appeared in the fog just beyond!)

All the leaves are…

All the leaves are...

The smaller world is a fascinating place to observe! Just count the living organisms within this frame and you’ll be amazed. This photo was taken at the end of June, when the days are long, and warm. The light was dreamy as I trompsed about the shallow pools of the quiet river, elated with youthful curiosity.