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Chasing rainbows


Chasing Rainbows: I’ve been wanting to explore the OZ theme for sometime, so it was to my great fortune that my new friend Ashley showed up with a Dorothy costume in hand! The Oz series is, to me, the quintessential American Fairy tale.  Oz represents escapism, while Kansas is the epitome of mundane, and the very tumultuous experience, represented by the twister, is the necessary catalyst for change in order to escape the cycle of habit and familiarity.  In this image, I wanted the colors and light to feel like that eerie light before a tornado: an uncomfortable and even sickening yellowish-green. At the same time, we have our heroine frantically running across the claustrophobic, grassy landscape, which is speckled by solid objects of civilization (the power lines). However, in this scene, she is not running from the twister, but rather towards the rainbow which seems to almost disappear very faintly in the distance. Perhaps it is like chasing dreams that seem to fade, and the urgency we feel to run towards that adventure, hoping to leave all that we know behind.

Under the Bradford Pear

She is radiant in red under the dappled light of the Bradford Pear

As a follow up to one of my most recent posts “night world” I decided that I wanted to challenge myself by working with a model in the same location at night. There were a lot of firsts for me, and I’m delighted with our collaboration. I was so fortunate that Emily was able to work with me! She is radiant under the dappled light of the Bradford Pear.

Photography: Kelly Grzasko (Frames to Frame Photography)

Modeling/Hair/Makeup: Emily Bogle

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Mermaid Rachael

rachael7 rachael11 rachael14 rachael17

Things that mermaids do

Mermaid Rachael sighing and playing with her hair
Mermaid Rachael sighing and playing with her hair at Ijams Nature Park, Meads Quarry, Knoxville, TN


A couple of the shots from my shoot with Mermaid Rachael, who is darling, and gorgeous.