Behind the Scenes

Some photographers are able to get exactly what they want in camera. Honestly most of my images are about 90 percent where I want them to be off the card, but, I almost always give my images a little 10 percent boost. I thought I’d show you how things go down: I’m not doing anything […]

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The old Ball and Chain

I was very interested in the sociological tone of the image. The phone being like a ball and chain, a weight which tugs at her and intertwines itself around her body. There’s a struggle like that of an addiction that is relevant in the contemporary sense but with the ironic aspect that this phone is […]

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Photography/Creative Director: Kelly Grzasko Model/MUA/Hair: Velvet Elvira Sometimes you need to take a closer look.  

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The Beat with Noelle

I found Noelle through model mayhem where I fell in love with her stunning brown eyes. As I typically do when I’m browsing models, I look for someone who inspires an image or a feeling for me. When I saw Noelle, I imagined her as this french girl from the 60s leisurely reading and smoking […]

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Hot Summer Vintage with Brandy

This was Brandy at the farm enjoying the tasty fresh homemade peach ice cream!! Vintage farm equipment and trucks makes for delightful pinup backdrops! This was actually an impromptu shoot. Brandy is a new friend and coworker, whom I met earlier in the day for breakfast and adventuring with friends. She looked so vintage fabulous […]

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