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Apples aren’t what they ought to be


I have to wonder at the symbolism presented by the tree and apple scene in the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it is a suggestion that as strange as things in the land of Oz might seem, they can always get weirder. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the apple, I appreciate its tactile qualities as well as its deeply rooted symbolism in our subconscious. Universally, It is strongly tied to beginnings, and to change. In this event, I like to believe that it is also connected to the folly of youth. The apple, as tasted by Eve, bears the wisdom of age, but conversely the loss of innocence. Our childlike Dorothy clumsily reaches out for the apples; struggling to satiate that youthful curiosity.

Behind the Scenes

Some photographers are able to get exactly what they want in camera. Honestly most of my images are about 90 percent where I want them to be off the card, but, I almost always give my images a little 10 percent boost. I thought I’d show you how things go down: I’m not doing anything that hasn’t been done before here, but I often wonder how magic tricks are performed so, maybe by showing you how its created you’ll be inspired to try it yourself!

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The old Ball and Chain


I was very interested in the sociological tone of the image. The phone being like a ball and chain, a weight which tugs at her and intertwines itself around her body. There’s a struggle like that of an addiction that is relevant in the contemporary sense but with the ironic aspect that this phone is unlike any other she would have used in her own lifetime. So again, there is this contrast of antiquity and modernity. What does it say to you?

Photography: Kelly Grzasko   Model: Grace Irwin

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Photography/Creative Director: Kelly Grzasko

Model/MUA/Hair: Velvet Elvira

Sometimes you need to take a closer look.


The Beat with Noelle

noelle5 noelle3

I found Noelle through model mayhem where I fell in love with her stunning brown eyes. As I typically do when I’m browsing models, I look for someone who inspires an image or a feeling for me. When I saw Noelle, I imagined her as this french girl from the 60s leisurely reading and smoking in a casual cool beatnik kind of fashion.

I like the vintage look, and she did her homework with makeup, as she doubles as a cosmetologist, and hairdresser. The poses, especially this one where she delicately touches her neck, noelle2 noelle1 noell4 _DSC0640 and this one where she is reminiscent of 60s Italian cinema royalty,

and finally the smoking image are my favorites! But I love them all, and hopefully she and I will share more collaborations in the future!


Hot Summer Vintage with Brandy

_DSC0254 _DSC0303

This was Brandy at the farm enjoying the tasty fresh homemade peach ice cream!!_DSC0305 _DSC0367

Vintage farm equipment and trucks makes for delightful pinup backdrops!

_DSC0382 _DSC0416_1

This was actually an impromptu shoot. Brandy is a new friend and coworker, whom I met earlier in the day for breakfast and adventuring with friends. She looked so vintage fabulous as we went to thrift stores, farmers markets and a local farm (where the owners gave us delicous homemade ice cream!) that I couldn’t resist taking some snapshots of her during the day. I think was able to capture her wonderfully bubbly and creative and personality. 🙂_DSC0422 _DSC0438

Through the looking glass, Brandy embodies the golden age of hollywood cinema. Victory rolls are to die for.

_DSC0441 _DSC0442

Mermaid Rachael

rachael7 rachael11 rachael14 rachael17