We are compelled by magnetism. It is the distance between opposites.

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The spiritual awakening and levitation of the girl in the black dress

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Behind the Scenes

Some photographers are able to get exactly what they want in camera. Honestly most of my images are about 90 percent where I want them to be off the card, but, I almost always give my images a little 10 percent boost. I thought I’d show you how things go down: I’m not doing anything […]

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The old Ball and Chain

I was very interested in the sociological tone of the image. The phone being like a ball and chain, a weight which tugs at her and intertwines itself around her body. There’s a struggle like that of an addiction that is relevant in the contemporary sense but with the ironic aspect that this phone is […]

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I am constantly defining my brand; a statement of who I am as an artist. At the time I chose the name “Frames to Frame,” I thought my website needed to be catchy and accessible for the consumer. A last name like Grzasko isn’t the easiest to spell, but it has occurred to me that […]

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Photography/Creative Director: Kelly Grzasko Model/MUA/Hair: Velvet Elvira Sometimes you need to take a closer look.  

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