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Apples aren’t what they ought to be


I have to wonder at the symbolism presented by the tree and apple scene in the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it is a suggestion that as strange as things in the land of Oz might seem, they can always get weirder. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the apple, I appreciate its tactile qualities as well as its deeply rooted symbolism in our subconscious. Universally, It is strongly tied to beginnings, and to change. In this event, I like to believe that it is also connected to the folly of youth. The apple, as tasted by Eve, bears the wisdom of age, but conversely the loss of innocence. Our childlike Dorothy clumsily reaches out for the apples; struggling to satiate that youthful curiosity.


Photography/Creative Director: Kelly Grzasko

Model/MUA/Hair: Velvet Elvira

Sometimes you need to take a closer look.




The 2nd image from this photo shoot. I was thinking about young girls falling down wells, and the archaic quality to that idea. No one falls down wells anymore, (at least that I am aware) but it seemed a very real danger at one time. Even as a child, my parents had me fearful of falling down a well. I live at an old farm house, and I’ve been to a lot of old farm houses, so the possibility is a bit more realistic. I pondered the cold, lonliness of this demise. I think really, the ‘falling down a well’ is more a metaphor for ‘dying of loneliness’… I can’t imagine a more frightening experience, cold, dark, no one to hear you in the long tunnel that evenlopes. I liked the interplay of the ground grabbing hold of and surrounding her. A dark welcome; a return to mother; but it is also not letting her leave, holding her back.
I really love how it turned out.