A telling portrait of an incredibly unique person. Everything about her stands out as genuine, from the clothes she wears to the way she speaks and the thoughts she thinks. I like it when a person’s wardrobe exemplifies their being, with Annie that style is a little crazy and eclectic, held together by an intangible […]

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Georgia on my mind

Another great score for the ready cam action of a road trip! When I’m feeling uninspired to shoot, driving in the car helps to re-energize. I snapped this photo on a meandering road trip through the South while heading for the coast and eventually New Orleans. Georgia is quite variable in its topography, and I […]

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Universal Skink!

A rare moment to capture,These blue tailed skinks are often found wandering about the house during the summer time. I happened to find this one trapped in an unusual spot, with a background that suited him perfectly!

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I found this awesome young man through an ad I placed online looking for models in exchange for photos. He was one of a few adventurous people who took the risk to contact me, and we had a great photo shoot! I was nervous at first, as this was my first time directing an unknown […]

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A photo of my beautiful friend Ty. I like how golden the river appeared in the sunlight, and how it illuminates her dark skin. Exquisite. This was at one of our favorite swimming holes, with high rocks to jump into deep pools. I was always a little freaked out by the water snakes, since I […]

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The places you’ll go

Its hard to believe its December as the sunlight warms my face while I sit outside on the porch. I’m not such a great landscape photographer, but on this day it worked. Its an ethereal place of magic and mystery. I become part of its fantasy when I am here, and reminded of it again […]

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All the leaves are…

The smaller world is a fascinating place to observe! Just count the living organisms within this frame and you’ll be amazed. This photo was taken at the end of June, when the days are long, and warm. The light was dreamy as I trompsed about the shallow pools of the quiet river, elated with youthful […]

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