We are compelled by magnetism. It is the distance between opposites.

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For something a little different

I’ve been wanting to do some religious icon based imagery. In this case, we created the headpiece and decided on a traditional palate of gold, red, white, blue and black, though, as you can see from the edits I also played around with green. I like how in this series the model/character is not merely […]

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Chasing rainbows

Chasing Rainbows: I’ve been wanting to explore the OZ theme for sometime, so it was to my great fortune that my new friend Ashley showed up with a Dorothy costume in hand! The Oz series is, to me, the quintessential American Fairy tale. ¬†Oz represents escapism, while Kansas is the epitome of mundane, and the […]

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I’ve been wanting to do a series of iconography based around byzantine gilded imagery and illuminated manuscripts. My face is just wrong for this, but I have a lovely, much more genuine model in mind for this project. Here’s a test shot where I tried messing around with a lighting setup in my room (which […]

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