A soft, but dreamy focus



I’m realizing how long it has been since I posted my work on here, and its frankly shocking how long I can defer from something that I enjoy so much.

The good news is that since my last post I’ve been able to purchase a new computer (A LIFE SAVER!!) through the generous donations of a few kind friends, and my parents (my largest single patron!) who are so lovely, and have enabled me to grow artistically, despite my lack of presentation on social media. I have this love/hate relationship with sharing my work. I want to share, but I don’t want to value what I do off of the reaction or lack thereof of others.

I’ve been in school for the past several months (18 credits!) and making a concerted effort toward working in the visual arts field, applying for work that could somehow connect me to the work I love (and get paid for it!). In particular, I’ve been studying videography, and have learned a bit about television production, sound production, and editing. I’ve even taken on some pro bono projects. I’ve also taken on two internships in which I’d have the opportunity to be given projects to challenge my creativity. I don’t know if working in a non profit, or even corporate setting is my ‘dream’ work, but then I have so many interests, and anything can seem like a learning opportunity.

This photoshoot was such a pleasure. My friend Jacie had shared images from a sunflower field that had been cropping up in posts from Knoxville for the past several years, and when I commented on her instagram post she’d confirmed its location. I immediately thought of Donna, as she’s so lovely and has that perfect blend of soft exotica that I wanted to convey in this field of sunflowers.

So here are some of the first images from our shoot – which was later followed up by some cosplay!! And finally, I’m going to attempt to put together my first music video promo for a model. These are my intentions!

I hope you have been well, and will stay tuned for more work.

Much Love,




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