Red white and blue (or yellow too)

When I started getting good at painting, I was forced into a very limited palate by my professor. Just the primary colors, primarily the warm tones: the cadmiums and ultramarine. Which to me, helped to bring color unity to my imagery. Color harmony sometimes happens by accident, but usually it is quite deliberate.

Working with the primary colors suits me well. They are the colors used by the great painting masters of old, the colors I would often see in stained glass windows as a child, observing them while sitting in church. Religious art, art of the old masters was my first exposure, so I can’t deny its effect on me.

Here, I went out in the freezing cold to practice some portrait photography with my 50mm 1.8. I deliberately chose my color palate, knowing how well the red would contrast the white snow.

Unfortunately, my new remote battery doesn’t seem to function beyond a few shots in the sub freezing wind. So, mostly these were aggravated happy accidents instead of the more deliberate photos I’d hoped for.

I did learn a little about the distance required for certain cropping. So that’s one lesson. But I had some exposure issues in which all the tones were grayed out. I tried exposing for spot, wide spot, and overall, but couldn’t get it right, perhaps tomorrow I can’t make some further attempts. Can’t find my d90 manual anywhere and its driving me insane. Anyone have some advice or extra d90 manual sitting around to send me?


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