Hot Summer Vintage with Brandy

_DSC0254 _DSC0303

This was Brandy at the farm enjoying the tasty fresh homemade peach ice cream!!_DSC0305 _DSC0367

Vintage farm equipment and trucks makes for delightful pinup backdrops!

_DSC0382 _DSC0416_1

This was actually an impromptu shoot. Brandy is a new friend and coworker, whom I met earlier in the day for breakfast and adventuring with friends. She looked so vintage fabulous as we went to thrift stores, farmers markets and a local farm (where the owners gave us delicous homemade ice cream!) that I couldn’t resist taking some snapshots of her during the day. I think was able to capture her wonderfully bubbly and creative and personality. 🙂_DSC0422 _DSC0438

Through the looking glass, Brandy embodies the golden age of hollywood cinema. Victory rolls are to die for.

_DSC0441 _DSC0442


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