I was sick this week, and all I could do was take baths and sleep. Every time I’d awaken from delirium, I’d be drenched in sweat. Soaked clothes would be peeled off, and another bath would ensue. I’d liked the idea of incorporating the lemons as curative, and also the sourness that can be dealt at times. I think the hair motion and colors help to express that delirium, and the framing, obviously a bath, is somewhat reminiscent of neoclassical paintings, in which they would frame the subject. I rather like the dreamy quality of it, as if the lemons are planets in a liquid space.


2 thoughts on “Delirium

  1. the face under would have conveyed a tactile sensation of delirium in my opinion. it’s a condition of full immersion. beautiful

  2. That is a very good observation. I have other photos that I experimented with, I’ll have to share those alternates. I like this because delirium I think is more confusing because you are between worlds rather than just an alternate fantastical universe.

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