On the last day of 2013, I set myself to commit to follow through and stick-to-it-ivity with my art. I have been thinking a lot about what inspires me, snd the questions and thoughts I think about life.

I want to create worlds from my imagination, to capture the ponderings of existence that are mine alone, and yet common to others. That’s what this is about. This is the first in my series “Mortes Des Femmes” which will be further understood as it is developed.

This image is about innocence; the beauty of it, and a desire to hold onto this moment in life. I came to a crossroads this year that had me thinking a lot about age. I suppose its a crossroads that we all will come to, at one or even several times in our lives. I think for me, I felt like I was no longer a child, and yet I was not yet a woman. Or at least I was not ready to own up to that status yet. I wanted so desperately to cling on to that youth, to never let it end because of how beautiful it had been. And yet, looking back on it- I think it was so fragile at the same time.

The image had intent, but I believe there is much to reflect upon in any creation. I will understand it more with time.

If there were a moment you could ‘freeze’ in time, to live for eternity when would it be?


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