100 Strangers #3

100 Strangers #3

I journeyed over to the ‘bad side of town’ yesterday in search of an old school that I’d been told about. I love abandoned old buildings, and had never been to this one. The school wasn’t the abandoned art nouveau/art deco style that I’d dreamed it would be. It seemed only a fairly recent remnant, possibly abandoned less than a decade ago. Still it was a little haunting. The neighborhood was as poorly kept as the school and its grounds. Next to the football field I noticed a soaking red sweatshirt hanging in a the branches of a barren tree on top of the hill which overlooked the cityscape in through the fog. Its narrative called to me, there in the wet branches. And I heard children, and saw them peeking out at me from different crevices. I beckoned to them to come out, and they shyly approached at first, but wasted little time in becoming acquainted with me. Adam, Diego, and Juan were nice, happy little boys, albeit dirty and living in a squalor that most people can’t fathom. Children are cool in that they don’t worry so much about these trivial things. They have each other to play with and caring mothers who shyly kept their distance from me as the boys asked to have a photo taken of themselves. They giggled when I showed them the images. And because I set out on the journey to meet someone new, I give to you the next of my 100 strangers. 🙂


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