40 years

40 years

Helped my mom and dad put some plastic up over their wrap around porch. The way it illuminated them, with the white light surrounding, seemed pretty cool. I took a bunch of pics of them today, and some of a good friend of mine and her new baby. Its great taking photos of people whom you know, because even the ‘bad’ photos are special! My parents have been married 40 years, and they’re pretty happy. Its cool to see that, and I’d like to see more photos of older couples, and anniversary shots through the years.

I’m always shocked when I watch wedding shows on tv, or even when I go to weddings and people seem so annoyed and unhappy in their photos. We have this culture of pageant weddings, where the guests barely interact or get to know each other, and the bride and groom seem to be getting married only for the pictures. I know of some photographers who claim ‘real life’ ‘real emotions’ and yet when I watch them work they say ‘alright, pretend like you’re laughing’ ‘big fake smiles’.. I guess I understand, there are time constraints at events, we can’t always wait for genuine emotion.

I guess I think anniversary photos are more important than wedding photos, because they represent a validation of that love and compromise, and all of the vows that were made on that day.

So, with that said. If you’ve been married awhile or even a little while, you should book a shoot with a photographer for anniversaries. .. yeah, I know, I know what you’re thinking.. you’re not as ‘young and beautiful.’
Well, think of it this way, 20 years from now, you’ll look back and think how young you looked 🙂


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