Night Light

Night Light

I’m really beginning to enjoy night photography. It requires a tripod, and maybe a flash, but its something I’m not as familiar with. There’s such amazing light at night to shoot. I’m in love with industrial stuff, probably for the nostalgia of it, and this is a refinery near where I grew up. I have some good ideas from this shot, but I had to take this one rather hurriedly. Its fodder for more stuff I want to try.


5 thoughts on “Night Light

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! This one was just natural street light. I only have a speedlight now. I shall certainly look into flashlights, and torches. I have not heard of torches (so much gear!) Can you make any good (and affordable) recommendations? 🙂

      1. 🙂 – don’t worry yourself about ‘torches’ too much -if you are happy with ‘flashlights’ -as they are the same thing – we call them torches over here in the UK!
        Painting with light using a flashlight is good fun, if a somewhat hit and miss affair. Keeping the beam moving is the important thing. I always carry a 2AA flashlight in my camera bag just in case ( I don’t bother for anything less than 5 secs).

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