Wonderland 3

Wonderland 3

I’m not totally loving this logo, but I’m practicing. Design is something that I really struggle with. This one seemed cool at first, because I’ve been thinking about using my initials (since my name is really hard for people to spell…) but the K just looks to Asian. My own signature is pretty hard to do with mouse. I need a tablet to try some other stuff. But I like the idea of using my own personal signature, after all it is my ‘art’.. I love the movement in this image, the wind and the angle are pretty neat. Its like you can capture those elements, and the thoughts she might be thinking. Lovely


3 thoughts on “Wonderland 3

    1. Oh wow, It didn’t even occur to me the similarity to your gravatar signature. Though I do like the way you’ve done yours. Maybe there was a subconscious element to it, like I was familiar with the look and didn’t even think of it.. I’m still trying to figure out my ‘brand’, and I’ve started to notice some underlying themes in my work, so it will come to me some day. How’d you come up with yours?

  1. Yes it does look a bit like my dragon symbol. 🙂 It took a couple of weeks experimenting with form, font and size to develop the logo. Who knows, I may have picked it up subliminally from someone else as well. Originally it was a straight line logo but I didn’t like it. I wanted bold cursive initials and it took a while to go through the fonts on my computer. The red initials go well with my mostly B&W photos. I actually have 2 logos, one with black text and the other with white text, and I choose depending on the photo. Also I adjust the position, translucency and size of the logo depending on the photo.

    As I am a non-pro the address line on the bottom in my logo is in deference to the new British Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 – or specifically, the portion of it dealing with copyright and orphaned works.

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