The best part of the Meal

The best part of the Meal

This was going to be for a shoot that I dreamed up for JFG coffee. Note, I do not have any affiliation to, preference for, nor represent this company or their coffee..Its just a local-ish coffee brand that has a sign on the South side of town. I wanted to start creating mock ad campaigns for fun, and also to build a portfolio of my work selling a product. So, since I passed this epic JFG sign everyday I thought I’d really like to get a model out there next to it, wearing all white, and kinda bundled up. Well, Meredith and I met up for coffee at Java down in the old city (which has the best coffee in town, but I’m not plugging it or anything like that…although, I’d love to sell their coffee through fashion, just sayin’) and planned to head over to the sign, when I was struck by the beauty of the underpass just before our meeting and decided I wanted to do some shots over there. The columns and the light seemed like they’d offer that cool industrial narrative of a hard woman. Well, mix that with a sort of fashion-y ad, and you’ve get a pretty powerful look. Well, it was an amazing place to shoot, so we played around for awhile, and didn’t actually make it over to the sign. However, I’ve had the idea of adding in a logo for fake ad. Anyway, we mastered the light with this image. It was extremely contrast-y where the light hit her in a dark location, and I was just getting to know my flash. I really dig it. Its epic in angle and contrast, and she’s just an amazing model. So yeah, there’s me loving this image and our collaboration.


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