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The Liebster Award is a good form of recognition for new bloggers that will only encourage more and more bloggers to come on board and enrich the blogging the community. Liebster connotes ‘favorite’ in the German language sums up the aptness of the award. An award such as this will increase the awareness and inspire other people to get into blogging and this increase the number of bloggers.

For rules on the nomination, see below:

–          Thank the blog that nominated you and post a link back to their blog.

–          Answer the 10 questions your nominator asked you.

–          Nominate your 10 favorite blogs with under 200 followers

–          List your 10 questions

–          Be sure to notify each blog you nominate by telling them on their blog and sending them a link back to your Liebster post.

Well thank you for your nomination. It was a nice surprise to come back to after nearly 6 months in blogging hiatus. (More on my separation from blogging, artworks, etc. in future posts) Its great to be back to my online community. I look forward to catching up with blogs I’ve followed, and finding inspiration from others that I have yet to read. If you’ve found this because something on my site caught your eye, then by all means, continue to follow along!  Questions from Anjana:   

  1. How and when did you start blogging?     Started blogging in the winter.. Must have been around Thanksgiving last year because my first posts were food related. 
  2. How often and how much time do you devote to blogging? Used to be pretty regular, when I had an internet connection, then I was basically living third world status for about six months and rarely touched technology. Its been good to walk away from it for awhile.
  3. Which is the best blog you have come across? There’s a lot of great blogs out there, but.. back when I used to blog regularly, I was often compelled to read the Pirate Horizon
  4. What is your inspiration? Human nature, psychology, and perception that is the essence of all art. 
  5. Who do you admire the most? I’ve never really had heros, and corny as it may sound- I really admire my parents. They’re just happy people, and I think that’s a pretty hard thing to be. 
  6. What would you describe as the happiest moment of your life? I remember this one cool autumn day with my love, as we lay on the grass in the golden hour before sunset. We just stared into each others eyes and held each other, smiling in silence. That’s a memory I’ll always remember. 
  7. Who is your biggest supporter? Probably my mom. She’s always encouraged my pursuit of happiness. 
  8. What does charity mean to you? Nothing really. 
  9. Which place do you feel most inspired by? I like the forest. 
  10. In your opinion, how has blogging impacted the world? Its a good thing. 

My questions will be posted, along with my nominations on an upcoming blog. 



One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. ciao you there, and while i congratulate with u for the nomination i also thank you for quoting me as one of your regular stops. 🙂
    u’re welcome anytime, you talented one

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