This photo of Meredith is really striking! Such a sense of power to it. Dig. Starting to get better with flash, and challenging lighting situations. I’m stepping away from the ‘golden hour’ and sunrise/sunset method. Of course those photos will always be wonderful, and I still love to take them, but I must learn to master flash, and ALL light conditions to be a truly skilled photographer.

In other news, I’m still torn on Frames to Frame. I got all excited about the name ‘a thousand words’ because I’ve been trying to describe my business and I had a good pitch/approach for that phrase…and then I googled it. Found out there’s only about 100 other photo businesses by that name. Frames is still mine if I want it. Its catchy, but is it TOO catchy? I sometimes get the feel that it portrays the ‘walmart’ of photography, bleh. But then I think, maybe its not the ‘name’ but the design/font of the name….

Fonts, names, logos, that’s Important marketing stuff. I get caught up on this because I feel it is SO important to have a memorable, striking signature brand. With the saturated photography market, getting noticed, and being easily remembered are important factors.

I wish I were a skilled font stylist/designer. I think its possible to project an air of quality/artistry through branding alone. help.

I shall try some designs and share, see if I get feedback.


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