Je ne veux pas travailler

Je ne veux pas travailler

French song about french cigarettes.
listening to Brazilian music
The girl from Ipanema, the tall tan woman.

And dreams of Florence and the Parisian cafes.
cappuccino, that cool stare. memories on the exhale.
Like the Jazz they play in the old city.
It takes me back. To a time I never was, and to times I someday had.


3 thoughts on “Je ne veux pas travailler

  1. Intriguing image, evocative words – are they yours?

    I like the phrase, ‘memories on the exhale’ and the last line, ‘to the time I never was…’ which parallels the words of your ‘about’ page where you talk about the photos of your parents and grandparents when they were young… I found that piece quite haunting, somehow. G

    1. Yes, they are my words.
      I let what flows from my mind at the time of posting.They are not pre-meditations.
      Its an exercise to consider the images I make, what they mean to me, the thoughts and feelings they evoke…and to challenge myself poetically.
      Thanks for reading, it’s nice to have your observations.

      1. That’s an interesting approach and I do like them (and, being a long time lover of jazz and Brazilian music, I also liked the reference to the music of AC Jobim, one of my favourite composers – not to mention Paris, one of my favourite cities too!) G

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