Light Reading

Light Reading

Stood in for the light reading before the shoot. Sometimes you get lucky…


4 thoughts on “Light Reading

  1. Now I see the light 🙂 Beautiful shot. I’m not fond of the name though. From what I have seen of your work it just doesn’t seem to fit your vibe. I would say pretentious is the feeling that I get from it, but that is just me…

  2. Good point. There is a certain pretense to it, and that could be difficult for southern consumers. Haha, anything French sounds pretentious 🙂
    ‘framestoframe’ was good at first, and it is humble. However, it may be a bit Too Catchy and generic- and I think I’m outgrowing it. My business mentor tells me that I should project for where I’d like to be in 3 years. Albeit, I’d be happy to have any clients/customers at this point, I think I’m aiming towards a more selective client- cultured, artistic, and maybe even a little bit elitist.
    Pretense might attract that audience? I don’t know, I want to play on light, time, love, candidness, nostalgia/vintage. Its hard to define because I just haven’t done it long enough. I may not be the best person to describe my own work, my audience is perhaps better to judge its ‘feeling’- how would you describe it in 3 words?
    Thanks for your input!

  3. Your work evokes a sense of timeliness ( as opposed to timelessness) to me. A sense of a particular moment suspended. Also a sense of nostalgia for some indeterminate past. So I woke up last night with the name “belle epoch” ringing in my ears. It means “beautiful age” (in French of course) and relates to the 1890s in Paris. The time of Degas, Manet and the birth of Impressionism. But this term for some reason clings to my feeling about your photography. Finally, the “belle” part of it will ring true to your southern clients 🙂

  4. Thanks Roger! I do like the sound of that phrase. And you are Very right about ‘belle’.. its a popular term in the south. I’ve played on that word a bit, but it’s used A Lot with other photography businesses, particularly those focused on my target niche.

    Epoch, hmm.. interesting choice word, not overused, and also not too unfamiliar. I like it. I’ll have to play around with how it ‘looks.’ I’d thought about using ‘Toujours’ which means “always” or “everyday” and its catchy but not too pretentious. It can kind of go both ways, being youthful and carefree, or more passionate and epic.
    Great suggestions! 😀

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