I found this awesome young man through an ad I placed online looking for models in exchange for photos. He was one of a few adventurous people who took the risk to contact me, and we had a great photo shoot! I was nervous at first, as this was my first time directing an unknown person, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was uncertain of whether I’d have the skill to direct him as a model to succeed in my vision. However, everything went better than expected! It was a great learning experience, and I had a lot of fun getting to know him. Because it went so well, I’m planning to meet with another model tomorrow, and I’m excited to meet her!
Its strange meeting someone for the first time, like going on a blind date; you hope for good things, but you just never know how its gonna go. Well, If I can expect all of my photo shoots to be this awesome, then I have nothing to worry about! I really like the candid quality of this shot. He seems so carefree and comfortable. I also enjoy the derelict background, its textures and directional lines accentuating the subject rather than distracting the viewer from the focus.


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