Whenever I take a photograph I’m always thinking about how much better it would be with a person it it. I’m a portraitist. Maybe even a ‘self-portraitist.’ Once when I was in art school someone critiquing my work stated that “i like to make images of myself”… it’s true. I do. I have good reasons for it, one: because I can control every aspect of the image when I am both the artist and the subject. Two: because every image I make is somehow a reflection of me, so whether I’m physically in the image or not, I’m there nonetheless. Three: because I reflect a lot on my work, and what my influences are stemming from. Perhaps it is not the loftiest of creative forms, nor the most relevant, but often the truest. I believe that this is a creative trend of contemporary artist in all disciplines.
But I’m not just a self-portraitist, I just love taking photos of people. My friends, the people I see on the street, random people that agree to model for me. But I need to get better at asking people if I can photograph them. I was walking around the other day, and wanted so badly to take pictures of people, but to hesitant to ask. So, it is a goal of mine to be more pro-active in this regard.


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