Becoming a photogra-foodie

Becoming a photogra-foodie

Started reading up on Cross-fit workouts and the Paleo diet. Paleo diet is very self explanatory, eat the way a caveman would and your results will be similar to that of a caveman. Seriously though, I’d been noticing adverse effects on my health from High Fructose Corn Syrup and added sugars in my own body for some time. I never realized all of the hidden salts and sugars in pretty much every food that I’ve been eating.  My recent research into grains has led me to believe that any grain produced since the 70s is bad for the body causing excess belly fat, and increased cravings similar to the effects of HCFS.

This diet and exercise pairing really seem to make sense. I’m not totally sold on cross-fit, but I’ve seen good results (shout out to my friend Lisa!) and my boyfriend Kyle has been following the Paleo diet with relative commitment for some time and even he maintains how great he feels eating this way. I’ve been reducing my carbs and increasing my intake of whole natural foods for the past several months, so trying the Paleo challenge makes sense. Found a good website: that has amazing recipes, and I’ve already tried one: This has inspired me to do some creative food photography. I’ll post pics of my epicurean delights!


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